Defensive Pistol Level 2

Defensive Pistol Level 2 

Class Cost: $125.00

Pre-Requisite ( Completed the Defensive Pistol Level 1 Course)

Please contact USADefense at 615-809-2751 or email us at [email protected] to schedule this class.


This intense, advanced level 2 handgun training course focuses on further refinement of the pistol shooting skills taught in Defensive Pistol Level 1. This program introduces and reinforces the fundamentals of tactical shooting and weapon handling skills under stress. 

  • Learning Opportunities
  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Plausibility Principle
  • Fighting is an Athletic Endeavor
  • Integrating Your Bodies Natural Reactions Into Your Training
  • Moving While Armed and Using Cover
  • The Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Response
  • The Skill Development Cycle
  • Intuitive Shooting Drills
    • Multiple Target Engagement
    • Facing Drill: Different angles and Multiple Targets
    • Wind Sprint Drill: Adrenaline 
    • Take a Lap Drill: Speed and Precision
    • Figure 8 Drill: Push Your Limit
    • Cognitive Drill: Situational Awareness 
  • Course tuition: $125.00 Ammunition requirements: 350 rounds (minimum) of factory loaded ammunition

To register for this class you can either call 615-809-2751 Thursday thru Saturday or email us at [email protected] We will get back to you with dates and time of the class. 

  • Student requirements: Eye protection, ear protection, belt with strong-side holster (Kydex or leather) and magazine carrier, defensive-caliber handgun (.38/.357 or 9mm to 45cal. ) with at least 2 magazines or speed-loaders. Absolutely no flip-flops or sandals permitted. 



Safety Rules for every class:  No ammo in class room, firearms must be in case or range bag at all time unless otherwise stated by Instructor. Photo ID, ammo, ear and eye protection are required. Pistol safety course fees do not include the cost of range fee. All live fire training will be done at The OK Corral Range in Woodbury, Tn. Range fee for this pistol safety course is $10.00 per individual.