Situational Awareness

Class Cost: $75.00 

Course Length: 3 hours

In this course you will be introduced to the single most relied-upon protective measure used by the professionals “situational awareness”. Knowing how to pay attention to your immediate environment is the common denominator of all threat management principles and protective measures and as such is paramount in the world of protection. You will also be introduced to how to optimize your situational awareness by adopting the protective mindset, powering up your “radar” and knowing how to observe like the professionals.

Students may carry their firearm in class if they have a permit but must always stay holstered. This class will be classroom and practical application also.

Safety Rules for every class:  No ammo in class room, firearms must be in case or range bag at all time unless otherwise stated by Instructor. Photo ID, ammo, ear and eye protection are required. Pistol safety course fees do not include the cost of range fee. All live fire training will be done at The OK Corral Range in Woodbury, Tn. Range fee for this pistol safety course is $10.00 per individual.