Shooter Improvement Class ( After Hand Gun Carry Class )

Class Cost: $55.00 – Applicant provides their own handgun and ammunition.

                            $85.00 – If USADefense provides a handgun and ammunition for the applicant to use.


The Shooter Improvement Class is of interest to Tennessee handgun carry pistol permit holders, and those who are comfortable with their pistols and have achieved basic marksmanship proficiency who are looking to acquire new skills applicable to self-defense and practical shooting competition situations and venues. Practical shooting enthusiasts will also find this an excellent “Return to Basics” class. Anyone that is looking to broaden their pistol skills or looking for a refresher course will also find this course valuable. This course is occasionally offered in a class or clinic format but can be attended as a private or small group class. Expect to spend a full day at the range. Instructor to student ratio is about one to four. Round Count:   300 rounds. Requirements:  Holster, spare magazine belt holder, comfortable with your weapon and basic firearms proficiency. The finest shooter improvement course in the Murfreesboro, TN area when you ask yourself “Where is a shooter improvement course near me?”

Note: This is not an approved NRA Course nor does it qualify for CE credits for Law Enforcement Personnel

Safety Rules for every class:  No ammo in class room, firearms must be in case or range bag at all time unless otherwise stated by Instructor. Photo ID is required.  ammo, ear and eye protection. Course fees do not include cost of range fee. All live fire training will be done at The OK Corral Range in Woodbury, Tn, with a current range fee of $10.00 per individual.