LATS (Laser Automated Training System) at USADefense in Murfreesboro TN


Laser Training Technology Available

Want to improve your aim, speed, and form in a new and innovative manner? USADefense, a fine provider of gun safety courses located in Murfreesboro, TN , offers state-of-the-art laser training capabilities to customers interested in fine-tuning their skills. Not only does the technology improve the skills of members, it allows our instructors to continuously stay at the forefront of new innovations and keep up with their form as well.

Schedule an hour of training with an Instructor on our LATS (Laser Automated Training System) on our class calendar for $35.00.

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Contact us using the form on this page or call us at 615-809-2751 and let us know what times you want your training and we will get you all set up. We at USADefense are committed in our effort to train Responsibly Armed Americans.

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Laser training at our facility at USADefense in Murfreesboro allows participants the opportunity to challenge their shooting skills with programmable targets and other various aspects of the software.

USADefense Laser Training