Introduction to IDPA Competition Shooting at USADefense in Murfreesboro TN

Class Cost: $75.00 – Applicant provides their own handgun and ammunition.

                            $120.00 – If USADefense provides a handgun and ammunition for the applicant to use. 

This is a 4 hour shooting course consisting of classroom instruction followed by intense training/practice on the shooting range.  Emphasis will be on teaching shooters who are new to action pistol sports to navigate a course of fire safely and efficiently.  Students will learn the terminology and range commands used in the sport of IDPA.  The following skills/techniques will be taught and then practiced under the supervision of experienced IDPA Safety Officers: basic safety procedures; gun management from the vehicle to the range; loading and unloading the gun; drawing from a holster and acquiring a target; proper clearing of the gun at the end of a course of fire; holstering the gun; target transitions; engaging targets in tactical priority; slide-lock reloads; tactical freestyle; proper use of cover; muzzle control while competing; and scoring of targets. USADefense is the finest provider of a IDPA competition shooting class in the Murfreesboro area when you ask  yourself “Where is the nearest IDPA training class near me?”

Equipment Needed:   Students participating in this gun safety course will need a properly functioning, safe handgun, caliber 9mm or larger, with at least three magazines; a strong-side belt holster that covers the trigger guard; a belt carrier for at least two magazine; and 150 rounds of ammunition.  If a student doesn’t have this equipment, arrangements can be made to have loaner equipment provided through USADefense for a total class price of $120.00.


Safety Rules for every class:  No ammo in class room during our safety course, firearms must be in case or range bag at all time unless otherwise stated by Instructor. Photo ID is required.  ammo, ear and eye protection. Course fees do not include cost of range fee. All live fire training will be done at The OK Corral Range in Woodbury, Tn, with a current range fee of $10.00 per individual.